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    Leaders in the field of water treatment

    ACCIONA is focused on safely and efficiently delivering all aspects of the water cycle to the people.Through its Water business line, ACCIONA is an industry front-runner in water treatment providing the design, construction and operation & maintenance of drinking water, desalination, municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater and tertiary treatment plants, including those for water reuse.

    ACCIONA also offers end-to-end service management covering each step of the water treatment process, making water fit for human consumption, delivering it to the consumers, treating urban and industrial wastewater, and billing end-users.

    ACCIONA is highly specialized in wastewater treatment and sea/brackish water reverse osmosis desalination, a technology in which it is a world leader. The Company has successfully pioneered the development of state-of-the-art very large desalination plants in the Middle East, featuring reverse osmosis technology. ACCIONA is committed to innovation and to the application of the latest technologies, together with ensuring high water quality standards in the different areas of activity.

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    Drinking water treatment or purification process consists of a series of stages to treat the water in order to make it suitable for human consumption.

    ACCIONA offers a range of innovative solutions designed to overcome the challenges associated with the treatment of water to provide safe potable water. The Water business division of ACCIONA has built over 100 drinking water plants, with a total capacity of more than 7 million m3/d, enough to satisfy the water requirements of nearly 26 million people every day.



    Wastewater from either industrial facilities or sewage (urban water) can be treated through a series of processes that remove or reduce the physical, chemical and biological contaminants to achieve the quality and required effluent characteristics.

    ACCIONA delivers efficient wastewater treatment solutions at minimum “whole of life cycle” costs. The Company operates and maintains more than 300 wastewater treatment plants with a total capacity of 13.2 million m3/d, which meets the needs of a Population Equivalent (PE) of nearly 54 million inhabitants.

    Sea/Brackish Water Desalination

    Sea/Brackish Water Desalination

    Desalination consists of a series of processes to remove part or all of the salt and other minerals from brackish water or seawater to transform it into suitable for irrigation or drinking purposes. The desalination process is known as Reverse Osmosis (RO).

    The Company has a very broad experience covering the entire project life-cycle: design, procurement, build, testing & commission, and operation & maintenance

    ACCIONA has built more than 70 desalination plants, producing a total of over 2.3 million m3/d, supplying potable water to more than 10.5 million people



    ACCIONA runs Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) and Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) with its sights set in optimizing all aspects of the treatment processes by applying cutting-edge technology, minimizing energy consumption, carrying out ongoing tests to monitor water quality, and efficiently managing the sludge, waste and by-products generated by these treatment processes.

    ACCIONA is committed to the sustainability of the operation and maintenance of its facilities, for example by decreasing emissions of odors and noises, reducing power consumption, whenever possible, using renewable energy and reusing effluent water in the processes for reagents.

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