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Social Impact Management

ACCIONA’s projects must be consistent with the Company’s sustainable business model.

A methodology has been developed for the identification, assessment and management of the social impact of its projects across different businesses and geographic areas.

Within the framework of the Sustainability Master Plan (SMP) 2015, ACCIONA is committed to implementing a social impact management methodology in 100% of the projects of the main divisions that meet certain required conditions. 

In each project, implementation of the methodology - which is based on international standards - begins within an analysis of social risks, followed by a study of the region and of the stakeholders. Meetings are also held with stakeholders to gain first-hand knowledge of their opinions, proposals and needs. 

On the basis of this information, the Company designs a plan with social actions that minimizes the negative impacts and maximizes the positive impacts of its activity.


  • Positive: The Company not only prevents and mitigates negative impacts, but also strives to strengthen the positive impacts. 
  • Balanced: ACCIONA carries out an individual study of each project within its own specific setting, using the appropriate resources in accordance with its level of social risk. 
  • Initiative: ACCIONA believes in dialogue, and it seeks to take the initiative in defining its commitment to the community.
  • Shared value proposal: The Company presents its proposal to the community, shareholders and customers, with a view to achieving a consensus. 
  • Management plan: The management plan comprises the execution and follow-up of social actions with the ultimate aim of enhancing the well-being of the local community.

In 2013, the Company has advanced in its commitment, applying the impact management methodology in a number of ACCIONA Infrastructure projects in different countries: Brazil (ring road and marina), Chile (building of a desalination plant), Morocco (construction of a solar thermal plant) and Mexico (equipment to produce electricity in a dam). For its part, ACCIONA Energy implemented the process in a photovoltaic plant and wind farm in South Africa and in a wind farm in Costa Rica. For ACCIONA Agua, the new projects in 2013 fell outside the minimum criteria for being subject to the implementation of the methodology.

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