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    New Lighthouse for Valencia Port

    The lighthouse is a structure made from composites with polymeric matrix, measuring 31 meters high and with an octagonal layout. It essentially consists of two elements: the coffer that serves to house the equipment necessary for the operation of the lighting system of the beacon, and; the element that supports the structure itself.

    The lighthouse structure consists of 8 carbon fiber tubular columns measuring 31 meters high. The columns have a circular section with a diameter of 250 mm and thickness of 20 mm. These columns are positioned on the ground at the vertices of an octagon located within a 4.5-meter circle in diameter at its base, and 4 meters in diameter at its crest.

    The connection and horizontal stiffening of the eight pipes is achieved via a dual system:

    • 4 horizontal octagon-shaped rings composed of fiberglass pipes, 190 mm in diameter and 20 mm thick, arranged every 6 meters
    • 5 octagon-shaped horizontal forged panels, made from 20cm-thick "sandwich" panels, arranged every 6 meters

    The work won an award for innovation in design and materials at the 2016 international JEC World Innovation Awards, in the infrastructure category.


    Location:Valencia, Spain

    Contract type: Construction

    Infrastructure: Construction of 31m-high lighthouse out of composite materials, carbon fiber and fiberglass with polymer matrix

    Year completed:2015

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